Acerca de Louise

I have always been drawn to the creative process. Growing up on a small mid-western farm taught me resourcefulness. My father was fearless in using material immediately at hand to repair, upgrade and beautify his life. His creative problem solving skills showed me to rethink the materials around me in a new way.

My parents love and respect of the land have given me the precious gift of not taking my surroundings for granted. Montana spoke to me when I was only 19. I never tire of the way the alpenglow briefly casts its spectacular robe of pinks and purples across the mountain tops. To witness this scene gives me a sense of rightness – that where I am is right. It is the same feeling I experience when I have created something that is right.

When I create, I try to allow my materials to speak for themselves.My sense of design is tactile, organic. My goal is to marry a balance of sophistication with a sense of nature.

My love for fabric began at an early age. I have been involved with surface design for over 30 years, working in all facets of it. I love seeing the unexpected results that happen when you cannot have complete control over a substance or process. Color and texture take on a whole new meaning in this evolvement.

We describe ourselves by the choices of what we wear. I enjoy having my work be part of those choices. When you invest in the unique and beautiful, people take notice. It is a statement. It is self-expression. It is a treasure that you will always enjoy!